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Better alternative to your period

FemaleCup project was born in 2010 in Copenhagen, Denmark, inspired by a conversation between mother and her son. Yes, you got it right! She would tell everyone how great her menstrual cup is; however it wasn’t easily accessible, and women were sceptic, as there were lacking information about that type of feminine hygiene product. Luckily Denmark is an open-minded country, where taboo topics barely exist. And there it is – FemaleCup – possibly the best and most natural product for every women period.

Women menstruate every month for an average of 5 days from ca. 13 years old to their 50’s – that is a lot of bleeding. Yet, we are left with two main hygiene alternatives: tampons and sanitary pads. Both of them absorb the menstruation fluid what creates a good environment for growing harmful bacteria. Additionally tampons need to be change every 3-5 hours, which can cause irritation and dryness of the sensitive vaginal walls

FemaleCup is a product, which gives women a healthier alternative and freedom of being yourself during the periods; it simply fits your lifestyle. We thought of women conscious about their bodies and environment, women who are concerned about the large amount of waste produced every year and those, who take a punt on their health and comfort

If you are reading this text now, searching for a better alternative to tampons or menstruation pads, FemaleCup is just for you.

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