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Female Cup: Environmentally Friendly and Healthier Choice

Here it comes, the time of the month you dread the most. Not only are you bombarded with cramps and body aches, but now you have to deal with that horrible leaking from your vagina. Most likely, you’ve experienced the discomfort that comes with wearing a pad and the awkward feeling that can come with inserting a tampon. Not to mention having to change your tampon every 3 hours because its full and to avoid getting toxic shock syndrome (which can potentially kill you). Scary, right? In fact, there’s more than just discomfort involved in wearing tampons and pads. You might not be aware that the things you are putting on and inside your body during your period contain harmful and toxic chemicals that are dangerous to you and to the environment.


Let me give you a little bit of insight into the harmful stuff inside your pads and tampons. Most conventional pads contain an amount of plastic equal to approximately 4 plastic bags. That means that for however many pads you use each month, you’re probably contributing more harm to the environment than you do with your grocery shopping! Not to mention that plastic tends to trap heat, dampness and restrict airflow, meaning your vagina is in more danger of getting yeast infections and bacteria growth.
Most pads and tampons contain traces of perfume, glue, lotion. And that perfectly white colour? Yep, there’s traces of bleach in there too. Even worse, makers of pads and tampons do not have to disclose what ingredients they use in their products. Chlorine bleach is usually what is used to make these products white and it creates substances such as toxic dioxin which has no safe level of exposure. Not convinced? Well, did you know that over $2 million is spent in the US on pesticides to spray on cotton crops that are used to make pads and tampons? Odour neutralising tampons and pads are full of contaminants that are linked to things such as hormone disruption, birth defects and cancer. Eek!
So what can we do now that we know tampons and pads are a huge risk to the environments and to our bodies? You’re probably thinking to yourself – I can’t just stop using them. What will I do with all the blood? That’s where the Female cup comes in.


What is the Female Cup?
You’ve probably heard about this thing before, but have never tried it. It’s simply a menstrual cup that you insert inside your vagina – like a tampon – which collects the blood during your period. It is made of 100% silicone derived from naturally occurring elements. The surface of the silicone is antibacterial, which is a major plus on the health side of things.

Why is the FemaleCup better than tampons and pads?
The Female Cup lasts up to 10 years without the need to replace it. That means no more time and money spent on tampons and pads that you throw away every month. You’ll be helping out the environment by contributing less to the amount of plastic that turns up in rubbish dumps, you’ll be saving money and saving the health of your vagina.
The Female Cup only needs to be changed around 2 times a day and that all depends on your flow. You can leave it in for up to 12 hours and you won’t even feel it! Gone are the days of pads and tampons reminding you that you’re on your period. You can go on with your day carefree.

The Female Cup is a revolutionary product that provides a huge benefit to the environment. If you’re sick of the struggle with tampons and pads and want another option, the Female Cup is here to provide.

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